Legacy Presets - Matty Vogel - 2021

Graphic Effect
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Make the new, old with this retro scanner effect for Photoshop. Imitate the signature textures, degradation, and colorspace of a vintage magazine scan and give your designs and photos an authentic look.

Emulating a vintage magazine scan effect without leaving Photoshop is now dead simple with this PSD template. Applying to your own work only takes moments by either placing your photos or artwork in the template, or dragging the effect layers into your own canvas.

Available as an instant download.

Files Included

Vintage Magazine Scanner - 3x4 Template.psd

Vintage Magazine Scanner - Instructions.jpg


Adobe Photoshop CC

File Format


Download Size

204 MB

Scalable: Drag + Drop onto your own canvas effortlessly

The effect is built with repeatable patterns so you can drag the effect onto any canvas and it will automatically scale to fit any size or aspect ratio without losing quality.

Vintage Magazine Scanner - Sample Image

Level-up from dragging grunge textures onto your artwork

You'll instantly notice the precise mix of blending layers and hand-scans create a much more immersive and realistic vintage magazine scan effect than a normal texture overlay.

Vintage Magazine Scanner - Sample Image

Your favorite new effect for photos, design, and more

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