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15 quick and useful Lightroom adjustment tools to speed up your editing process with one-click solutions for things like grain, sharpening, and tone curves

Having your most used editing adjustments pre-saved as one-click solutions can save you valuable editing time.

I took 15 common adjustments I use constantly in editing, and have them readily available for quick-access in the preset panel.

I recommend using these alongside your presets and normal editing techniques — this pack includes handy curves, grain applications, contrast settings, and sharpening tools.


- 15 Lightroom Preset Adjustments

- .xml, .lrtemplate, DNG File Formats

- Created for general Lightroom editing

- Direct Customer Support


These presets are compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Lightroom CC, Adobe Lightroom Mobile and Adobe Camera Raw

Easy Time-Saving Tools for your Editing Process

These presets were previously sold as 4 best-selling packs:


  • _curve_01
  • _curve_02
  • _curve_03
  • _curve_04
  • _curve_05


  • _fade_01
  • _fade_02

Grain + Sharpen

  • _grain_35
  • _grain_62
  • _grain_77
  • _sharpen_50
  • _sharpen_100


  • _hs_0
  • _hs_50
  • _hs_100


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