Legacy Presets - Matty Vogel - 2021

Graphic Effect
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25 ultra high-res overlay textures created by hand through xeroxing, printing, distressing, copying and hand scanning hundreds of paper samples. Amazingly easy to use on your designs and photos, just drag + drop for an instant effect.

Want that irreplaceable analog look without having to print and scan your work by hand? I've done the work for you by hand printing, copying and scanning loads of paper + prints on old and vintage printers and copiers.

Instantly add texture and dimension to your photos + designs by dropping any of these 25 scan textures on top of your artwork in Photoshop. Try blending modes like "Screen" + "Overlay" or "Difference" for an instant transformative effect.

Dig even deeper by using them as displacement layers in your work, or get creative and use in your art however you see fit.

Available as an instant download.

Files Included

scan_01.jpg -> scan_25.jpg

Photocopy Textures - Instructions.jpg


Adobe Photoshop CC + all design programs

File Format

5000px width, 300 dpi, .jpg

Download Size

631.7 MB

Authentic high-res textures

Completely real and high res folds, crumples and textures scanned at 1400dpi
to bring your photos + designs onto to paper instantly.

1,000 ways to use

A beautiful grunge overlay texture is an invaluable part of every designer or creative photographer's toolbox.

Use them traditionally, or even utilize the printed frame edges I left in the crop as a border or mask for your project or collage.