Legacy Presets - Matty Vogel - 2021

Graphic Effect
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Alter your photos and designs into another world with this pack of 16 gradient maps for Photoshop. These simple to use, modern and sci-fi color schemes will breathe new life into your work.

SPECTRUM is a collection of 16 various gradient maps for use in Adobe Photoshop. This pack ranges from infrared and heatmap inspired color schemes to chromatic looks that will effectively work across photos and designs.

Available as an instant download.

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Adobe Photoshop CC

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Unlock a new era of editing.

Vivid gradient maps to color treat your photos + designs with an easy one-click process, and an even easier installation into Photoshop.

Spectrum Gradient Maps: Installation Instructions

Watch the video for a walkthrough guide on how to install the Spectrum Gradient Maps once you've downloaded them.

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